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Skyworks WA is one of the most experienced Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (“UAV” or drone) companies in WA for aerial filming and photography services. We are also a “one-stop shop” for event film coverage combining stunning aerial footage with ground-based video and creative editing.

In addition to recording and editing event videos we are also able to provide a live feed to give that unique aerial perspective to an audience.

Skyworks WA is a CASA-certified commercial UAV Operating Company with public liability insurance.

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Contact Information
PO Box 9
Darlington WA 6070
Tel: 0428 769797


John Gibbons
Director and Chief UAV Controller
John Gibbons
Mob: 0428 769797

Colette Gibbons
Colette Gibbons
Mob: 0429 692697

M32s skyworks

Unite-on-the-Swan skyworks

Balloon-glow-3 skyworks

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